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What was Twitter saying about Big Ideas?

How the Twitterverse reacted to Big Ideas

How the Twitterverse reacted to #BigIdeas2015

Whether you chose to follow the Big Ideas Summit on Procurious or Facebook we hope you enjoyed the conversation, learnings and interactions throughout the day… But we wanted to especially thank all those that followed along on Twitter – we positioned the Big Ideas Summit as a digitally-led event but we couldn’t have predicted the overwhelming response we received…

Some brief figures: Our #BigIdeas2015 hashtag was picked-up and mentioned 759 times throughout the day.

In total, tweets relating to the event were served to a potential combined audience of 1,154,466 million.

If you’re not following us already, come and find us using @procurious_ and help to continue the conversation!

#BigIdeas2015 hashtag was being used worldwide
This map shows where the #BigIdeas2015 hashtag was being used worldwide

What follows are just a ‘small’ sample of tweets mentioning the Big Ideas Summit – see what influencers, thought-leaders, commentators, and fellow procurement professionals made of the day’s events.


Big Ideas – The best procurement panel discussion I’ve heard

Wow! How on earth do you write that session up?


I’ve just sat through a panel discussion around where the procurement function is headed in the lead up to 2030. This might sound extreme but it was the best procurement panel discussion I’ve ever heard.

From redefining business models, removing ourselves from the grasps of the finance function, being the central conduit to delivering social value through to disappearing all together. If I was to sum procurement’s future up in a word it would be immense.

The panel consisted of Tim Hughes from Oracle, Olinga Ta’eed, an entrepreneur, investor and social activist, Giles Breault from The Beyond Group, Jason Busch of SpendMatters, Nic Walden from The Hackett Group, Lance Younger from Statess and Rio Tinto’s CFO Chris Lynch, so it was an all-star cast to say the least.

Full video of the discussion will be online over the coming days, so I’ll keep my commentary short, but here is a brief rundown on the insights the panellists had to offer.

Giles Breault: Suggested that while there are still significant gains to be made within our businesses, the true value procurement can provide the organisation is in opening up supply relationships and enabling our businesses to leverage external innovation.

Tim Hughes: Highlighted the challenges the function faces in attracting new talent. According to Tim, the profession is aging and more people are retiring from the function than are entering it. How do we attract the right people to procurement and how do we motivate them once they are in were questions he posed?

Lance Younger: Echoed Giles’s sentiments by saying that procurement will be responsible for fundamentally changing the way businesses operate. According Lance, procurement can alter business models by connecting organisations and enabling suppliers and buyers to work together on mutually beneficial, collaborative projects. The old buyer vs. supplier mentality will be gone.


Nick Walden: Suggested that procurement will struggle to provide value beyond cost so long as it is answerable to the finance function. Finance’s mentality is dollar driven and procurement can offer so much more than that. The theme of social benefit was positioned throughout the discussion and procurement was seen as as the gatekeeper and catalyst to these sorts initiatives.

Jason Busch: As well as providing a fantastic analogy likening procurement’s progress to the evolution of the Porsche sports car’s transmission, Jason suggested that we are on the verge of a golden age of procurement for the SME market. He pointed out that out traditional procurement technology has been almost exclusively developed and targeted at large organisations. The evolution of new technologies like Amazon for Business provides instant benchmarking for small and medium sized organisations. It essentially an e-procurement solution for SME’s he argued.

Chris Lynch: Following on from his brilliant keynote speech, Chris took the opportunity of the panel discussion to forward the idea that, in the future we should strive towards an organisational framework where procurement (and other functions) goes largely unnoticed. He suggested that value should be seen as value regardless of where it originated. We need to think about business value, not procurement value or finance value he said. Chris also highlighted that social media platforms are the ideal medium for these ideas to be shared and developed.


Olinga Ta’eed: According to Olinga, every government in the world is looking to procurement to change its society. He believes that the way we buy things has the power to change people’s lives and that procurement is central to delivering this social value and change. He referenced new social value acts in the UK and legislated CSR contributions in India and Indonesia that are changing lives in those countries. Olinga also suggested that in 2030 our accounting standards will be altered to report social impact as well as mere dollar values.

Well, there you have a very brief rundown of a fascinating panel discussion.

Be sure to check in on Procurious to see the full recording of this session. I guarantee you wont regret it.

What can Procurement learn from UBER?


I’ve just been listening to Chris Sawchuk from The Hackett Group give a keynote speech about the need for agility and flexibility within procurement operations.

Chris stressed that in a business environment where markets are constantly changing (oil prices, exchange rates etc.) the need for organisations to adapt and move quickly has never been more important.

But what does all this mean for procurement? According to Chris it means being more customer centric and it means delivering value beyond cost savings.

Chris detailed that procurement’s moment in the sun as a cost cutter is coming to end. Particularly now that economies are starting to emerge from the crisis, revenue generation is again taking centre stage and procurement needs to offer more than simple cost cutting initiatives.

Chris said that organisations need to start focusing on driving innovation and that the key to doing so lies in leveraging a more customer centric approach. He positions UBER as a great model of customer centricity, UBER puts control back into the customer’s hand – it’s easy to use, you know exactly what it will cost, how long it will be and there are no hold ups. But again we have to ask, what does this mean for procurement?

The biggest criticism the procurement function has received over the years is not that we are too cost focussed or process driven, it’s that we are too slow and cumbersome. How can we ever expect to serve our customers (internal or external) when we are perceived as slow and cumbersome? Speed and usability are critical and, traditionally, this has not been an area that procurement has succeeded in.

Chris suggested that in order to better serve our customer’s procurement needs, we need to take a more advanced approach to how we classify them. We’ve all seen the classic Kraljic Matrix (strategic, bottleneck, etc.), but this simplification of our customers doesn’t stand up any more. We need to start looking at our customers in a more strategic manner and go to greater lengths to understand what motivates and drives them.

The importance of developing a procurement brand was also discussed in the session. Essentially, Chris highlighted that procurement needs to be more active in the way it promotes itself. We need to ask ourselves how we want to be perceived and then start taking steps towards making that perception reality.

Sigi Osagie’s Big Idea on ‘Unlocking our people’s passion’

If there’s a man more enthusiastic and passionate about procurement improvement that Sigi Osagie I’d like to meet him.


I’ve just listened to Sigi outline his thoughts around the importance of people in the procurement process at the Procurious Big Ideas Summit. His insights were inspiring to say the least.

Sigi spoke passionately about how while processes and technology are critical enablers for procurement success, ultimately it’s people that make the real difference.

The analogy he gives is a great one. If you or I were to walk into a Gordon Ramsey’s fine dining restaurant and were given full access to every kitchen utensil in the building (read: procurement technology and tools) and even provided with a recipe written by Gordon himself (read: procurement processes), the food we would produce would likely be mediocre at best. That’s because its people that ultimately make the difference. It’s the chefs skills and motivations, but perhaps more importantly their passion that makes the food they produce remarkable.

After highlighting his own remarkable journey from an immigrant arriving at Heathrow airport, to a floor sweeper at the Leicester Square Haagen Dazs, to a global director in a FTSE250 blue-chip multinational in 14 years, Sigi stressed the importance of procurement bosses leaving their egos at the door and encouraging their staff to ‘be the best version of themselves’ at work. “Procurement success is all about unlocking your people” he said.

Sigi left by challenging the audience to actively take responsibility for their own growth and careers and to ask themselves if they “were being the best you you can be”.

Definitely some great food for thought.

To join the discussion, post right here on Procurious, tweet Procurious @procurious_ or me @jordanearly123. Remember to include the hash tag #BigIdeas2015.

The Big Ideas Summit 2015 Is Live!

Welcome to the Big Ideas Summit 2015!


The Procurious Big Ideas Summit is off to a flying start. The venue is stunning, guests are fed and caffeinated and, as I type this Tania Seary, the founder of Procurious is giving her opening speech.

As Tania has just pointed out, while there are only 40 people physically in the room today, the unique nature of this event means that you, the 5000 Procurious members, can contribute to the day’s proceedings digitally.

The event has an incredible line-up of speakers. I’ve already had the good fortune of speaking with the indelible Sigi Osagie and Mark Perera who are both excited to be a part of the day.

The agenda is packed with industry thought leaders, representing the full spectrum of the procurement profession. If you’ve got any questions for us or any of the influencers here today, get in touch and I’ll do my very best to get you an answer.

To join the discussion, post right here on Procurious, tweet Procurious @procurious_ or me @jordanearly123. Remember to include the hash tag #BigIdeas2015.

Here’s to a great day!!

Procurious Big Ideas Summit FAQ

Big Ideas Summit FAQ

What is it?

The Big Ideas Summit is the world’s first digitally-led think-tank for procurement and supply chain professionals. It is powered by Procurious.

When is it?

30 April 2015. Expect to see most of the action between 09.30 – 17.00 (GMT) However the thought-provoking discussions and lively debate will continue long after, and we’ll also share video footage throughout the month of May on Procurious.

Where is it?

Although the event itself will be held in at a central location in London, due to its digital nature Procurious members will still be able to get involved.

How can I join in?

You’ll need to be a registered member of Procurious – join here for free if you haven’t already. Then simply access the Big Ideas Summit Group page (which can be found here) to soak-up thoughtful opinions, participate in insightful discussion, and share your own Big Ideas with the Procurious community.

We’ll also be live tweeting throughout the day, so make sure you’re following @procurious_ to share and respond to our tweets.

Will it be live-streamed?

Procurious boasts a global audience of 5000+ procurement professionals from more than 100 countries. If we were to cater to all of these timezones, it would be a tough job – so rather than live-streaming (and making you keep awkward hours) we’ll instead share video with those who’ve registered.

I’m on the fence – why should I take part?

We’ve listed 6 of the most-compelling reasons here.

Who are the ‘Influencers’?

The term ‘influencers’ refers to the specially-invited thought-leaders who will be sharing their Big Ideas with the room and you – the Procurious community.

Our experts span the worlds of procurement, technology and social media. There will be CPOs from organisations including:  Burberry, NHS, AstraZeneca, Hovis Ltd, and Exchequer Services, media from Spend Matters and Redactive, and experts  representing the bleeding-edge of tech. As well as CIPS, McKinsey & Co, The Hackett Group, Jules Goddard from London Business School, and Rio Tinto’s CFO, Chris Lynch.

The full list is available to view at

I’ve got a Big Idea of my own…

Great to hear! You can Tweet us your Big Ideas @procurious_ remembering to use the hashtag #BigIdeas2015.

Leave your Big Idea on Facebook – you can find us at

And of course you can tell the Procurious community all about it by joining the Big Ideas Group page and posting it to the community feed.

Who is behind Procurious?

You can read all about us in Our Story. 

Where can I learn more?

We’ve created a special website to promote the Big Ideas event, visit it at

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The Big Ideas Summit Infographic

Want to sum up the Big Ideas Summit in one neat, easy-to-digest page? We’ve created this infographic especially for you.

View the infographic below, or click here to see it as a full-size PDF. Know someone who would be interested? Why not share the infographic to whet their appetite?

Big Ideas Summit 2015 infographic

Join the Big Ideas Group page on Procurious to participate on the day, and gain access to exclusive content. Want more reasons to join? Here’s 6 of the best!

6 Big Ideas To Join Procurious By Thursday

6 Reasons To Join Procurious Before Thursday

Have you registered for our digitally-led Big Ideas Summit on 30 April? No? Then read on…

If you’re still on the sidelines we’ve listed six compelling reasons to join your fellow Procurians and stake your claim to the wealth of knowledge on offer.

1. A Private Audience With 40 Influencers

If you’re scratching your head at the mere mention of ‘Big Ideas’, then the following primer should get you up to speed: Procurious to host world’s first digitally-led  event for procurement professionals.

Join our ‘Big Ideas Summit’ Group and become a “fly on the wall” – by doing this you’re being granted money-can’t-buy access to a diverse collection of some of the most influential thought-leaders in procurement, technology and people management. Want to know who’s coming? We’ve got CPOs from organisations including:  Burberry, NHS, AstraZeneca, Hovis Ltd, and Exchequer Services, media from Spend Matters and Redactive, technology experts  representing the bleeding-edge of tech, and authorities in social media. As well as CIPS, McKinsey & Co, The Hackett Group, Jules Goddard from London Business School, and Rio Tinto’s CFO, Chris Lynch.

2. Get Your Questions Answered By World-Class Experts

Take advantage of the unique opportunity to submit your questions via Procurious’ Big Ideas Summit Group to our influencers and see how they tackle your toughest challenges on the spot. Want to quiz CIPS Chairman David Noble on the challenges facing accreditation bodies in the future? Hear what Chris Lynch has to say about cost consciousness? Or Professor Olinga Ta’eed on social good? Click to view the full lineup of Big Ideas influencers.

3. Make Powerful New Contacts Around The Globe

This might sound obvious, but don’t overlook the value of networking with your global peers. Someone out there knows the answer to your most pressing procurement questions. They’ve walked in your shoes… So why not tap into their experience, for free?

The Big Ideas Summit is as much about championing the use of social media as it is the big issues. Maybe you’re new to the community and just joined Procurious, or you might be a long-time member and (until now) been content with standing at the back. It’s not too much of a leap to suggest that by being a ‘Digital Delegate’ you want to be on the top of your game. Whether that be by keeping up with the latest trends, issues, or innovations – chances are your fellow delegates will be hungry to devour and analyse the ideas presented through the day. Procurious will also be on the lookout for those ‘Digital Delegates’ with the biggest, best ideas – and by leveraging our network of thought-leaders we can work together to develop these ideas, introduce influential contacts to your network and help make them a reality.

4. Share Your Own Big Idea

In the future everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes – Andy Warhol

As well as hearing our influencers’ Big Ideas, by registering you’ll be able to submit your own. We believe everyone has a unique vantage point in the industries, communities and businesses they work in. So here is an opportunity to get your Big Idea across, and boost your own personal brand. How? Join our Big Ideas Summit Group and make a post to the community feed. We’ll also be keeping a careful eye on Twitter for your Big Ideas, just Tweet us @procurious_ using the hashtag #BigIdeas2015.

5. Access Exclusive Content & Learnings

Expand your knowledge, stay informed, and be inspired through swathes of exclusive content only available to Procurious members. On the day we’ll be updating the Group page with photos from the event, highlights from our sessions,  and updates on the discussions. In the days following you’ll be able to watch full videos from our think-tanks, as well as hear all of our influencers’ Big Ideas, digest articles and interviews from those who were in attendance.

6. Win An iPad mini

We’ll be announcing the winners of our iPad mini competition. If you haven’t already, don’t panic as there’s still time to enter! Simply invite 10 of your peers to join Procurious before 11.59PM (GMT) on 29 April to be in with a chance of winning 1 of 5 iPad minis. Full terms and conditions can be viewed on this page.

Help us to help you (and win 1 of 5 iPad minis)

How influential are you? Invite 10 people to join Procurious to win 1 of 5 iPad minis. 

Invite 10 peers to join Procurious to win an iPad mini

We need you! We hope you’ve been enjoying all the great content on Procurious and the benefit of connecting with other people like you. If you’ve got a minute, we need your help to attract even more procurement professionals to become members.

By growing our community we elevate the profession:  in-turn we all benefit from richer discussions, more knowledge sharing and better career prospects for Procurement.

Invite and win an iPad mini

As a thank-you for helping us out, we’re offering 5 iPad minis to a handful of randomly-drawn winners.

To be in with a chance of winning, all you need to do is invite 10 people to join Procurious before 11.59pm (GMT) on 29 April 2015.

We’ll be announcing the lucky winners live in London (and via Procurious) at our Big Ideas Summit the following day. The list of winners will also be available on this Group page and via Twitter.

Sending an invite is super easy

When logged-in to Procurious you can send an invite to colleagues/peers/friends  via any medium that appears on the ‘Build Your Network’ page.

Invite 10 people to join Procurious and win an iPad mini
Invite 10 people to join Procurious and win an iPad mini – use ‘Build Your Network’ to invite

Competition terms & conditions
Learn more about the Big Ideas Summit here

Big Ideas 2015: How to be a Digital Delegate and get involved

Big Ideas Summit 2015 - how do I get involved?

Chances are if you’ve visited Procurious in the last few weeks you’ll have seen mention of something we‘re calling the Big Ideas Summit 2015 that‘s due to kick-off in London on 30 April. Good for you, but why should I care?‘ you might ask…

You’ve read all about our Influencers, the issues affecting procurement and supply chains in 2015, maybe even come-up with a question or two – but now you want to be a part of it.

It just so happens we’re billing the Big Ideas Summit 2015 as a ‘digitally-led’ conference. So it doesn’t matter where you are in the world, you can still get involved as a Digital Delegate and catch the day’s discussions as they happen. Interactivity is key!

How can I participate?

If you haven’t already make sure you’ve joined our Big Ideas Summit 2015 Group on Procurious. Click on the link or find it by visiting the ‘Groups’ area.

Beforehand make sure to submit your questions for the various sessions (and Influencers) on the Big Ideas Group page. You can get all of the schedule details here so there’s still plenty of time to come up with a question.

In the run-up to 30 April we’re posting articles that shed light on our key topics of risk, talent, technology and cost. As well as interviews with our Influencers, group discussions, and guest blog posts.

On the day: Keep your eyes peeled – the Group will be THE place for getting the updates from London as they happen.

We’ll also be live-tweeting from the event. Join in by following along with our tweets, and Tweet us @procurious_ using #BigIdeas2015 so we can pick your questions up!

Facebook user? We’ll be updating Facebook throughout the day with photos of key moments and our Influencers in action.  You can like Procurious on Facebook here.

Keeping the discussion going: Following the event we’ll be posting footage from our sessions, and our Influencer’s very own 3-minute ‘Big Ideas’ videos.

Once again, the only way to access these videos will be to join the Group.

Invite others: The more people that join the discussions and get involved, the better!

Use the Procurious ‘Build your Network’ feature to send invitations to your LinkedIn and email contacts. Tweet your Twitter followers (remembering to use #BigIdeas2015), post to your LinkedIn network, or Facebook news feed.