Mind over Matter – The Quantum Leap to Success

Making the quantum leap from your current state to a successful future is just a case of mind over matter.

We all want to set ourselves up for happiness and success in our lives, careers and relationships. But how do we harness the power of the mind to create a new reality?

Well, to change our lives, we need to start by changing our beliefs about the nature of reality.

The Quantum Model of Reality

Everything we have been conditioned to believe about reality is being challenged by quantum physics. In the classical Newtonian physics model, all things were considered solid. Energy could be explained as a force to move objects or to change the physical state of matter.

This mechanistic universe was believed to operate according to predetermined laws, where humanity had little influence over outcomes. Well, quantum physics has since proven that nothing could be further from the truth.

Matter is actually more nothing (energy) than something (particles). Atoms are 99.99999 per cent energy and only .00001 per cent matter. At the subatomic level, particles can become waves and vice versa, therefore, matter behaves just like energy.

In a ground-breaking experiment, quantum physicists discovered the Observer Effect.

They proved that electrons exist simultaneously in an infinite array of probabilities in an invisible field of energy. Only when the experimenter focused attention on any one location in the field, did any one electron appear.

In other words, a particle cannot manifest in reality until we observe it. Energy responds to our mindful attention and becomes matter.

When we embrace the quantum model of reality, all physical reality is primarily energy existing in a vast web, interconnected across space and time.

This quantum field holds all possibilities, which we can collapse into reality through our thoughts, observation, and feelings. Our thoughts and feelings broadcast an electromagnetic signal to the quantum field.

By changing our electromagnetic signature to match a desired reality that already exists in the field, we are then drawn to those events and new reality.

Is positive thinking enough to change our reality?

Psychologists have found that by the time we’re in our mid 30s, our personality will be completely formed. This memorised set of behaviours, attitudes, beliefs, emotional reactions, habits, skills, memories and perceptions that are now unconsciously programmed within us, control 95 per cent of who we are.

Only 5 per cent of the mind is conscious. It is struggling against the 95 per cent that is running subconscious automatic programs. So, if we are just using our conscious mind to create our desired life through positive thinking, affirmations and visualisations, we have overlooked the 95 per cent that is unconsciously affecting our electromagnetic signature, to which the quantum field is responding.

The brain is in constant communication with the body in a cycle of thinking and feeling, feeling and thinking. Eventually, this becomes an unconscious pattern that begins to control our behaviour without our awareness.

When we are living from this place of unconscious repetition, our body is running the show but we are not actually aware of it.

Mind and Body in Synch

When the mind and body are in opposition, change will never happen. Think about how much of your creative energy is tied up in guilt, judgement, fear and anxiety related to people and experiences in your past.

It is impossible to create any new future when you are rooted in the past. You have to clear out the old weeds by their roots, before you can cultivate a new self by planting the seeds of new thoughts, behaviours and emotions that create a new life.

Becoming conscious of our unconscious emotional patterns allows us to take back control of our lives and turn destructive energy into productive energy. Most people try to create in a state of lack, unworthiness, separation, or some other self-limiting emotion rather than a state of gratitude, enthusiasm, and wholeness.

Through meditation practice, we can access the subconscious mind directly to bring awareness to our automatic programs and begin to rewire the brain for a new reality.

Aligning Thought, Feeling and Action

The quantum model of reality tells us that to change our lives, we must fundamentally change the way we think, feel and act. The quantum field is not responding to what we want, but rather, to who we are being. We can’t think one way and feel another, and expect anything to change in our life.

Our habitual thoughts, feelings and behaviours must transform into a new state of being. We have to think and act greater than our present circumstances. When thought, feeling and action are aligned, we elicit new responses from the quantum field.

When your mind and body are in a state of appreciation for something that exists as your potential future reality, you transmit a signal into the field that a desired event has already occurred.

This means changing your brain, mind and body ahead of the physical experience, and feeling as though whatever you desire is in your reality at this very moment.

Leave the Past in the Past

If you wait for something outside of you to make you happy, then you are not following quantum law. Instead of relying on the outer to change the inner, change something inside of you to produce an effect outside of you.

The biggest hurdle for most to overcome is wanting to control a future reality by trying to re-create how it occurred in the past. Instead, hold a clear intention of what you want, but leave how a desired event will unfold to the unpredictable quantum field.

Just surrender. Trust and allow the field to orchestrate an event in your life in a way that’s just right for you.

The moment that you are in that new state of being, feeling the positive emotion of your desired reality, and experiencing it in the present moment, your heart and mind are working in alignment, and you are connected to all the possible realities that exist in the quantum field.

Health and wellness authority, Brendan Turner specialises in helping people heal unconscious emotional patterns and past trauma.

While finishing his Psychology Degree, Brendan spent four years with The Source Recruitment. He put his mindfulness expertise to great use to help major Australian firms recruit the best procurement professionals.

For further information contact him at www.turnercorner.com.au.